ZANU PF Confident in By-Election Victories

April 27, 2024
Zimbabwe by elections | Report Focus News
Zimbabwe by elections

Voters in Zimbabwe’s Harare East and Mt Pleasant constituencies are casting their ballots today to elect new representatives to the National Assembly. The by-elections, which were triggered by the resignation of former legislators, began at 7 am local time on the 27th of April 2028.

The ruling ZANU PF party has nominated candidates for both constituencies: Cde Kiven Mutimbanyoka in Harare East and Cde George Mashavave in Mt Pleasant. They face off against independents Mamuse Nason and Ticky Brian, who are hoping to capitalize on voter dissatisfaction with the ruling party.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has confirmed that all necessary arrangements are in place to ensure a smooth voting process. Polling stations are expected to remain open throughout the day to accommodate voters, with results likely to be announced in the coming days.

ZANU PF’s campaign has focused on themes of unity, peace, and development, as it seeks to solidify its support base in the run-up to future general elections. The party’s candidates are confident in their campaigns, with Cde Mashavave expressing optimism about his chances in Mt Pleasant.

Election observers are monitoring the process closely to ensure transparency and fairness. The by-elections are seen as a test of political sentiment in the constituencies, with potential implications for the broader political landscape in Zimbabwe.

The results of the by-elections will be closely watched by political analysts and stakeholders, as they may offer insights into the direction of Zimbabwe’s political climate.