Passion Java Speaks Out Against Zimbabwe’s Ailing Healthcare System

April 22, 2024
Prophet Passion Java | Report Focus News
Prophet Passion Java

ZIMBABWE | Passion Java, a controversial Zanu PF loyalist and preacher, has openly criticized Zimbabwe’s health system, labelling it as broken. He voiced his concerns during an interview on DJ Ollah 7’s podcast, emphasizing the dire condition of the country’s healthcare infrastructure. Specifically, he pointed out the challenges faced by Chitungwiza Hospital, expressing his motivation to provide assistance after learning about its difficulties.

Zimbabwe’s healthcare facilities are currently grappling with severe shortages of staff, medicine, and equipment. Passion Java Ministries, in collaboration with the Lilly Java Foundation, stepped in by donating essential medical supplies to Chitungwiza Hospital and other struggling public health centers across the nation. Their contributions included over 25 wheelchairs, two ambulances, hospital beds, and blankets.

Expressing his compassion, Java shared his distress upon discovering that women were forced to give birth on the floor due to the lack of beds and blankets in hospitals. He also highlighted the dire conditions within the hospitals, such as the absence of proper toilets, leading people to resort to using the bucket system.

Java emphasized the importance of influential figures like Winky D utilizing their platform to advocate for positive change rather than publicly exposing such distressing realities. He recounted the challenges he faced in importing ambulances from South Africa for donation, underscoring the bureaucratic hurdles that hindered the process.

Passion Java, known for his support of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the ruling Zanu PF party, played a significant role in the party’s 2023 election campaign. Additionally, he announced an upcoming event titled “Night of Wonders,” scheduled to take place at the National Sports Stadium on May 9.