Harare Teen Accused of Leaking Nude Photos Denies Charges, Claims Setup

April 17, 2024
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18-year-old Felisha Muzeya, daughter of prominent socialite Mai Titi

HARARE – Amir Edward Mhaka, a 19-year-old from Harare, has denied accusations of leaking nude photographs of his former girlfriend, 18-year-old Felisha Muzeya, daughter of prominent socialite Mai Titi. Mhaka insists he never received or shared the images and suggests the charges are designed to humiliate him.

During a bail hearing on Tuesday, Mhaka’s attorney, Admire Rubaya, argued that there is no evidence his client distributed the photos on social media. Rubaya also proposed that Muzeya, who is known as Fifi, could potentially be responsible for distributing the images herself to increase her fame.

Magistrate Caroline Matanga granted Mhaka bail and set his next court appearance for May 15. He was released on a US$50 bail and did not enter a plea.

Mhaka’s defense, led by Rubaya and Malvern Mapako, stressed the absence of digital or physical proof connecting Mhaka to the distribution of the nude images. They noted that such content usually features identifiable data like usernames, which they claim is missing in this case.

The prosecution, represented by Mandirasa Chigumira and Nomsa Kangara, contends that Muzeya sent the nude images to Mhaka at his request during their relationship. They allege that after their breakup, Mhaka threatened to leak the photos, which coerced Muzeya into maintaining contact with him. This changed when Muzeya started a new relationship, and upon finding her images online, she reported Mhaka.

Defense lawyers plan to challenge the grounds of the case at the next hearing, arguing there is inadequate evidence for a trial and seeking to dismiss the charges.

The situation has drawn reactions from Mai Titi, who defended her parenting and expressed disappointment over the ordeal. The ongoing case continues to spark discussions on privacy, consent, and the impact of social media on personal disputes.