Chamisa Seeks SADC Intervention for Zimbabwe Economic Talks with President Mnangagwa

March 18, 2024
Nelson Chamisa | Report Focus News
Nelson Chamisa

In a recent declaration, Nelson Chamisa, a key figure in Zimbabwe’s opposition movement, has publicly called for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to facilitate discussions with President Emmerson Mnangagwa. This plea aims to bridge divides and address the economic downturn plaguing Zimbabwe.

Chamisa, who previously led the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), voiced his concerns without detailing the specific outcomes he anticipates from such talks. However, he remains optimistic that engaging with Mnangagwa could pave the way for economic revitalization. “We are one; let us work together. That is why you realise that I am making frantic efforts calling on SADC to mediate in the impasse with my relative (Mnangagwa),” Chamisa remarked.

This appeal was made during a eulogy at the funeral of Petronella Mukwende, mother-in-law of Patrick Cheza, a CCC candidate who was defeated in the 2023 elections for Chirumhanzu South. The event took place in Chivi North and drew attention not just for the bereavement but also for Chamisa’s political comments amidst the gathering.

Chamisa critiqued Mnangagwa’s solitary approach to governance, which he believes is exacerbating the economic challenges. His comments hinted at a leadership style that, in his view, is not conducive to national development. “He must be making a fire but it’s facing the wall,” Chamisa observed, using a metaphor to describe the President’s policies.

The funeral for Mukwende, who was lauded for her roles as a community leader, church elder, social worker, and citizens mobiliser, underscored a poignant issue highlighted by Chamisa: the brain drain. With many Zimbabweans, including several of Mukwende’s grandchildren, relocating abroad in search of better opportunities, Chamisa expressed deep concern over the country’s future. He emphasized the need for Zimbabweans to return and contribute to their homeland’s rebuilding, celebrating its potential as a rich and beautiful nation deserving of its people’s talents and efforts.

Amidst rumors of Chamisa departing from CCC and the potential formation of a new political entity characterized by a blue color theme, his appearance at the funeral, accompanied by allies such as Amos Chibaya and Masvingo City Mayor Alec Tabe, was noted with interest.

Chamisa’s call to action seeks not only to mend Zimbabwe’s economic fabric but also to inspire a collective effort towards national prosperity, advocating for unity and collaboration across political divides.