Ongoing Investigation into Prophet Magaya’s Sexual Abuse Allegations Faces Hurdles

March 11, 2024
Magaya 1 | Report Focus News
Walter Magaya, leader of PHD Ministries

The Zimbabwe Gender Commission (ZGC) remains steadfast in its pursuit of justice regarding allegations of sexual abuse against Walter Magaya, leader of PHD Ministries. Despite facing reluctance from some witnesses, the ZGC initiated the investigation in 2019, urging victims to come forward and contribute to the inquiry following numerous complaints against the religious figure.

In accordance with ZGC’s directive, individuals who experienced or witnessed acts of sexual abuse were encouraged to provide the commission with written complaints, witness statements, and any relevant documents or evidence. Despite oral hearings being scheduled, Virginia Muwanigwa, the CEO of ZGC, confirmed the ongoing and open status of the case, acknowledging the challenges posed by reluctant witnesses.

Chairperson Margaret Mukahanana-Sangarwe expressed the commission’s commitment to the investigation, urging more women to step forward as proceedings progress. While social media has been rife with claims, Mukahanana-Sangarwe highlighted a lack of follow-through from potential witnesses and expressed uncertainty about the reasons behind their reluctance.

The recent retractions by the alleged victims in the Magaya rape accusations introduce an element of complexity to the situation, prompting questions about potential involvement of additional parties. These retractions, signalling a shift in the narrative, cast doubt on the initial allegations and raise speculation about external factors influencing the situation. The existence of a “third force” influencing the retractions necessitates further investigation to uncover the truth behind these developments and assess the extent of any external involvement.