Air Zimbabwe Announces Sale of Derelict Aircraft and Spare Parts

March 11, 2024
Air Zimbabwe B737 200 © Air Zimbabwe | Report Focus News
Air Zimbabwe B737-200, © Air Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe – In a significant move to declutter its assets, Air Zimbabwe, the national carrier headquartered at Harare International, has officially announced a Request for Proposals (RFP) targeting the sale of four of its long-grounded aircraft along with a collection of miscellaneous spare parts. This sale includes two Boeing 737-200s and two BAe 146 aircraft, all of which have been described as being in various stages of disassembly.

The two Boeing 737-200 aircraft, bearing the registration numbers Z-WPB (msn 23678) and Z-WPC (msn 23679), have a storied history with the airline. Ordered in 1987 and delivered within the same year, these aircraft have remained stationary at Harare International Airport for over a decade, as indicated by the ch-aviation fleets module. Air Zimbabwe revealed that these planes are significantly stripped down, lacking engines, Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), and a majority of their internal components including brakes, hydraulic parts, doors, and most windows, along with their seats. They do, however, retain their landing gears.

Despite the sale, Air Zimbabwe continues to operate another Boeing 737-200, Z-WPA (msn 23677), highlighting its status as one of the 29 active aircraft of this model still in service worldwide.

The sale also includes two BAe 146 aircraft, described merely as “shells” due to extensive parting out, even more so than the Boeing aircraft. One of these, BAe 146-200 ZS-SDX (msn E2046), constructed in 1985, has been parked at Harare airport since 2012 following its service with Allegiance Air, as per the ch-aviation fleets history module. The details regarding the second BAe 146, 5H-SDX, remain unspecified, including its serial number. Additionally, there is a mention of another BAe 146-200, ZS-WPD (msn E2065), previously operated by Air Zimbabwe but inactive since 2006, along with three ARJ-85s also stationed at the airport.

Air Zimbabwe has not provided further details in response to inquiries from ch-aviation.

Furthermore, the tender encompasses a Boeing 707 reverse thrust test rig and an assortment of parts for the BAe 146 and other aircraft models, grouped into another lot for sale. This opportunity has been extended to both local and international bidders, who will be given a 21-day period to remove the purchased assets from Harare International Airport premises.

This disposal initiative by Air Zimbabwe marks a pivotal step in its efforts to streamline operations and manage its inventory of aircraft and parts, possibly signaling a move towards modernizing its fleet and operational capabilities.