Kuda Mahachi On Manica Diamonds

March 6, 2024
Former Zimbabwe Warriors winger Kuda Mahachi has returned to Zimbabwean football signing a two year deal with Manica Diamonds | Report Focus News
Former Zimbabwe Warriors winger Kuda Mahachi signed a two year deal with Manica Diamonds

Former Warriors winger, Kuda Mahachi, has opened up about his recent move to Manica Diamonds, expressing that it’s more about finding peace of mind than anything else. Despite being linked to various clubs such as Dynamos and Yadah Stars, Mahachi’s career faced a significant setback following allegations of child abuse involving his four-year-old son, Diego.

While Mahachi was acquitted in November last year, the child abuse allegations led to the non-renewal of his contract with SuperSport United. The 30-year-old football star reflected on the challenges he endured, including the depletion of his savings in the pursuit of justice. Despite the acquittal, the ordeal left a lasting impact, with Mahachi recounting incidents such as the destruction of his mother’s grave and a burglary at his home where everything was stolen.

“I lost everything I worked for. All my savings were depleted in my quest for justice. Yes, I have been exonerated, but the nightmare I have gone through can never be erased,” Mahachi shared after his acquittal.

With a desire to start anew and regain a sense of peace, Mahachi decided to join Manica Diamonds. Speaking about the move, he emphasized the importance of leaving Bulawayo for a fresh start. “I am happy to be here. I know this move to join Manica Diamonds is my search for peace of mind,” Mahachi stated.

The decision to join Manica Diamonds was not solely about financial considerations for Mahachi; it was driven by the belief that being in Mutare would provide the tranquility he seeks. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to reunite with Jairos Tapera, a mentor who played a crucial role in shaping his career from the junior national teams.

“I have a lot of respect for that man (Jairos Tapera). He has been a mentor to me since I was in the junior national teams, Under-17s, and 20s,” Mahachi remarked.

As Mahachi looks forward to the upcoming season with Manica Diamonds, he is optimistic about contributing to the team’s ambitions. The club secured a second-place finish in the Premier Soccer League last season, and Mahachi believes he made the right decision to join a team with aspirations for greater achievements. “I will certainly play my part in helping the club accomplish those achievements,” he affirmed.