Chinese Enterprises in Zimbabwe Donate $10,000 Worth of Cholera Control Supplies

February 3, 2024
Zimbabwe declares cholera outbreak | Report Focus News
Zimbabwe declares cholera outbreak

In a demonstration of solidarity and social responsibility, Chinese enterprises operating in Zimbabwe stepped up on Friday, donating cholera control supplies worth $10,000 to support the country’s fight against the deadly disease.

Under the banner of the Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Zimbabwe (CCEZ), more than 80 member organizations, including government-owned entities and China-listed companies from various sectors such as mining, manufacturing, power generation, and logistics, united to provide much-needed assistance.

The donation included vital supplies like disinfectants, protective clothing, tents, and essential food items, which were delivered to the Beatrice Road Infectious Diseases Hospital in Harare.

Liu Baixue, the vice chairperson of CCEZ, underscored the importance of the business community coming together to lend a helping hand. He remarked, “It is crucial for the business community to collaborate in providing assistance.”

Beyond the act of generosity, the donation also symbolized the enduring bonds between the Chinese and Zimbabwean people, reinforcing the strong relationship between the two nations.

Gideon Mapokotera, the provincial human resources officer in the Ministry of Health and Childcare, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Chinese entities for their contribution. He described it as a significant boost in Zimbabwe’s fight against cholera and noted the enduring friendship between the two countries. “The Chinese have always been good friends to Zimbabwe,” he said. “They have brought a various assortment of goods … and these will go a long way in motivating our staff and reaching out to our community.”

Zimbabwe has been grappling with cholera cases in most of its 64 districts, prompting authorities to launch an oral cholera vaccination program earlier this week, targeting 2.3 million people. The initiative aims to halt the further spread of the disease and underscores the urgent need for such contributions from the international community to combat the public health crisis.