Multi-Award Winning Musician Zahara Passes Away in Johannesburg Hospital

December 11, 2023
Multi Award Winning Musician Zahara | Report Focus News
Multi-Award Winning Musician Zahara

In a sorrowful turn of events, acclaimed South African musician Zahara, born Bulelwa Mkutukana, passed away late Monday night at a private hospital in Johannesburg. The beloved Loliwe hitmaker, renowned for her captivating voice and soulful melodies, was 34.

Zahara was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago due to liver complications, according to a source close to the artist. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals and the unwavering support of her fiancée, Mpho Xaba, Zahara’s health continued to decline, leading to her untimely demise.

“The family will release a statement soon. She was with Mpho when she passed away,” added the source, indicating the intimate moments before the tragedy

Oyama Dyosiba, Mkutukana’s spokesperson and cousin, expressed difficulties in reaching Xaba on the night of Zahara’s passing. “I am getting calls from everywhere. I am in Cape Town and I am doing my best to get hold of Mpho; I can’t get hold of him,” Dyosiba stated.

A week prior, the family had confirmed Mkutukana’s hospitalization, expressing gratitude for the support and compassion extended towards the musician. Amidst swirling rumors and misinformation online, the family had emphasized the importance of respecting their privacy and relying on official channels for updates.

“The spread of disingenuous information on the internet has been disheartening. Reliable information regarding Zahara’s health will be communicated via her official social media platforms or by herself,” the family’s statement read.

Zahara, a multi-award-winning artist, rose to fame with her debut album “Loliwe” in 2011, which quickly went platinum, selling over 100,000 copies in South Africa. Her soulful blend of Afro-Soul and traditional music won hearts across the nation and beyond, making her a household name in the South African music scene.

As fans and the music industry mourn her loss, Zahara’s music and her contribution to the arts remain a testament to her talent and enduring spirit.