Scott Sakupwanya Urges Mabvuku Voters for Support in Upcoming By-Election

December 1, 2023
scott sakupwanya | Report Focus News
Pedzisai Scott Sakupwanya seen with gold bars and cash

Scott Sakupwanya, the ZANU PF candidate for the Mabvuku Constituency, has made a fervent plea to the residents ahead of the December by-elections, urging them to reassess their previous electoral decision. Sakupwanya, who suffered a narrow defeat to Munyaradzi Kufahakutizwi of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in the last General Elections, is vying for a comeback in the political landscape of this high-density suburb.

The upcoming by-election, set for December 9, was necessitated after the controversial removal of Kufahakutizwi by Sengezo Tshabangu, self-proclaimed Interim Secretary General, citing his non-affiliation with the party. Amidst these developments, Kufahakutizwi, who was contemplating withdrawing from the race following the murder of his supporter Tapfumaneyi Masaya by alleged Zanu PF activists, has decided to run again.

In a candid address, Sakupwanya confronted the accusations against him, stating, “Some say I am a thief, but if I were one, why would I invest so much in Mabvuku? I love this place and want to see it flourish, something the opposition has failed to do.” He emphasized his commitment to improving local facilities, tackling unemployment, and highlighted his role in establishing a vocational college in Mabvuku.

Further defending his contributions, Sakupwanya said, “I drilled boreholes for this constituency, and everyone has access regardless of their political views. Tell me if you are barred.” He implored the residents to consider his vision and give him a chance to enact change.

Despite his extensive contributions, including road development, borehole drilling, offering free transport, and funding education for underprivileged students, Scott Sakupwanya’s efforts did not translate into a win in the August elections in a constituency that traditionally supports the opposition. With the by-elections approaching, he remains hopeful that his record and promises will resonate with the voters, challenging them to look beyond party affiliations and towards the potential transformation of Mabvuku.