New Deputy Mayor Elected in Bulawayo Amid Tight Race

November 21, 2023
Edwin Ndlovu | Report Focus News
Edwin Ndlovu

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – In a closely contested election, Edwin Ndlovu, ward eight councillor, has emerged as the new Deputy Mayor of Bulawayo, taking over from the recalled Donaldson Mabutho. The election, which took place on Tuesday, highlighted the intense political dynamics within the city’s council.

The initial round of voting saw a deadlock between Ndlovu and ward three councillor, Mxolisi Mahlangu, with both candidates securing 10 votes each. The tie prompted a second round of voting, following a brief caucus among councillors and additional ballot printing by the council secretariat. In this decisive round, Ndlovu clinched the position, marking a significant shift in the city’s leadership.

After his victory, Deputy Mayor Ndlovu expressed his preparedness for the challenging role ahead. He emphasized his commitment to assisting the Mayor in fulfilling their duties and overseeing the functioning of the council. A key focus for Ndlovu is addressing the city’s cleanliness, which he considers a top priority given the current state of Bulawayo.

Deputy Mayor Ndlovu also plans to continue his work on improving the city’s water infrastructure, a task he had championed as the Chairperson of the Future Water committee. His advocacy for an additional dam in Bulawayo stems from the pressing need to enhance the city’s water supply systems, which are currently under strain.

Highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts, Ndlovu called for unity among various city stakeholders, including residents, civic organizations, and council members. He believes that a united approach is essential for tackling the numerous challenges Bulawayo faces, from infrastructure to public services.

Ndlovu’s election comes at a crucial time for Bulawayo, as the city grapples with various urban challenges. His leadership and the council’s efforts in the coming months will be closely watched by the residents, who expect significant improvements in the city’s governance and service delivery.