Ex-Zimbabwe Deputy Finance Minister Guilty of Diesel Smuggling

November 8, 2023
Terrence Mukupe | Report Focus News
Terrence Mukupe

A high-profile figure and three others have been convicted in a large-scale smuggling case that has shocked Zimbabwe. Terrence Mukupe, the former Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development, was found guilty alongside Same Kapisoriso, Joseph Taderera, and Leonard Mudzuto of importing nearly 139,000 litres of diesel without paying any duty.

The National Prosecuting Authority said the fraud was uncovered at the Forbes Border Post in Mutare on January 27, 2017. Initially claiming the fuel was headed for the Democratic Republic of Congo, the group instead replaced the diesel with water once inside Zimbabwe, intending to evade the authorities.

The scheme was exposed when the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) stopped the accused at Chirundu One Stop Border Post just three days later to check the cargo they were transporting. The meticulous verification process revealed the deceit.

As a result of their actions, the accused have cost the Zimbabwean government dearly, dodging duty payments amounting to $55,591.60. This conviction casts a shadow on the integrity of the country’s officials and represents a significant crackdown on corruption by Zimbabwean authorities.

All four have been taken into custody and the nation now looks to the Harare High Court for the final judgment on November 9, 2023. This case underscores the Zimbabwean judiciary’s commitment to uphold the law, even when former government members are involved.

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