Economist Anticipates Improved Second Term for Mnangagwa in Zimbabwean Presidency

August 28, 2023
| Report Focus News

Renowned independent development economist, Prosper Chitambara, has highlighted the mounting pressure on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to establish a lasting legacy as he enters his final term as Head of State. Chitambara, speaking to Al Jazeera ahead of the announcement of results from the Harmonised Elections held on August 23 and 24, suggested that Mnangagwa’s second term could potentially outshine his first. Chitambara expressed optimism, stating:

“In the event that Zanu-PF secures victory, the party will confront substantial expectations to drive significant economic advancements.

“Given that this term marks his last, President Mnangagwa will undoubtedly face the imperative of crafting a legacy. Paradoxically, this circumstance could bode well for the economy.

“Hence, there exists the possibility for his second term to surpass the precedent. This presents an optimal scenario.”

Chitambara cautioned that a less favorable outcome would involve the continuation of the economic strategies witnessed during the preceding five years of Mnangagwa’s tenure.

Since assuming office following a military intervention in November 2017, after the late Robert Mugabe’s leadership, the Zimbabwean dollar has experienced sharp devaluation against the US dollar due to excessive money printing. Escalating commodity prices have rendered everyday items unaffordable for the general populace, compelling a significant portion of Zimbabweans to resort to menial labor for survival.

Meanwhile, Taurai Gwatidzo, a cobbler based in Harare, expressed to Al Jazeera that the triumph of Zanu-PF in the 2023 Harmonised Elections signals the persistence of prevailing hardships.

In a poignant sentiment, 37-year-old mother of three, Solo Zuma, conveyed her intention to turn to sex work as a means of providing for her children if Zanu-PF secures victory.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) officially declared Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Zanu-PF candidate, as the victor with 2,350,711 votes, corresponding to 52.6% of the total votes cast. Nelson Chamisa of the CCC secured 1,967,343 votes, equating to 44% of the total ballots. Nonetheless, the opposition spokesperson, Promise Mkwananzi, took to the platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to reject the election results.”