Chaotic Zimbabwe Election Ends with Controversial Victory

August 26, 2023
Zimbabwe Election Results | Report Focus News
Zimbabwe Election Results - Emmerson Mnangagwa wins elections

In an election that has raised serious concerns, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) declared Emerson Mnangagwa as the duly elected president of Zimbabwe, following the tumultuous election held on August 23rd and 24th, 2023.

Regional and international observers have decried the election as neither free nor fair, citing numerous irregularities and challenges throughout the process. The lead-up to the election was marred by court challenges and political uncertainty, as several candidates were initially denied permission to contest but managed to regain their spot on the ballot after legal battles.

Election day itself was marked by controversy as ballot papers were delivered late in some areas, causing lengthy delays at polling stations. Shockingly, some voters waited for up to 10 hours before they could cast their votes. This prompted an extension of the voting period in certain parts of the country due to the logistical challenges in delivering ballot papers.

This election, widely regarded as the most chaotic in Zimbabwe’s history, has drawn significant international attention. The results have sparked debates about the legitimacy of the outcome and raised questions about the state of democracy in the country. Stay tuned for further developments on this unfolding story.