Chamisa’s Ambiguous Political Strategy Backfires: CCC Exposed as a Farce

June 28, 2023
Chamisa Nelson 2 | Report Focus News
Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa
Nelson Chamisa | Report Focus News
Nelson Chamisa

In a devastating blow to the hopes of countless Zimbabweans, the opposition party led by Nelson Chamisa, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), is rapidly revealing itself to be nothing more than a cruel joke. As the nation eagerly awaits the upcoming elections, the CCC finds itself floundering, sinking into obscurity long before a single vote has been cast or counted, losing seats in councils throughout the country.

One glaring example of the CCC’s incompetence unfolded in Rushinga district, Mashonaland Central, where the party’s candidates, who showed up for poll nominations, were embarrassingly disqualified for filing in the wrong constituencies. This blunder has laid bare the folly of the CCC’s ambiguous strategy, which they have adopted in a desperate attempt to conceal their own shortcomings.

Former education minister David Coltart, a council candidate in Bulawayo, took to Twitter to express his dismay over his party’s failure to field candidates in seven wards in Rushinga. CCC candidates discovered, on nomination day, that their names had been shifted to different wards, leaving them unprepared and ineligible.

Political commentators speaking to Report Focus News have wasted no time in ridiculing Chamisa and his CCC for their ill-conceived notion of ambiguity as a viable political strategy. “Does it even make sense to employ ambiguity as a political strategy?” questioned one skeptical analyst. “Can any serious political party hide its candidates and withhold its plans, only to reveal them on the eve of nominations, and not expect catastrophic consequences? This is not ambiguity; this is a glaring error, exposed publicly for all to see.”

Chamisa’s feeble justification for embracing this so-called strategy is his desire to keep his adversaries in the dark about the CCC’s intentions. Yet, it has become apparent that this bogus political tactic has only handed Zanu PF an advantage, leaving the CCC red-faced and confused long before election day even arrives. The results are already crystal clear: the council seats that the CCC has lost due to their inability to secure candidate nominations is shocking to say the least, close to a hundred and counting.

These elementary mistakes, occurring across the nation, are not only deeply embarrassing, but they also reflect a shocking level of incompetence and mismanagement within the CCC. The party’s leader, Chamisa, must bear the brunt of the blame for championing a strategy that has proven to be nothing short of disastrous.

As Zimbabweans observe Chamisa and his party’s strategy of ambiguity crumble before their eyes, they are left wondering whether the CCC can ever be a credible alternative. The time for clarity and strong leadership is now, and the CCC has shown itself to be sorely lacking in both.

Zimbabweans deserve a legitimate opposition party that can challenge the ruling regime, but it is abundantly clear that the CCC, under Chamisa’s misguided guidance, is not up to the task.