Friends Unveil CCC Senator Murisi Zwizwai’s Cause of Death

June 2, 2024
Murisi Zwizwai Dies

ZIMBABWE | Friends of the late CCC Senator Murisi Zwizwai disclosed his cause of death. Zwizwai departed in the early hours of 1 June 2024 at a hospital in Harare. The seasoned opposition politician had dedicated over two decades to the cause. According to friends, a few days prior to his demise, Zwizwai had complained of a severe bout of flu. Charlton Hwende, Member of Parliament for Kuwadzana, recounted, “He was battling flu since Wednesday and deteriorated on Friday, prompting his wife to rush him to the hospital around 7 PM. He was admitted but unfortunately succumbed around 3 AM.”

Zwizwai, a founding member of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), as confirmed by former CCC President Nelson Chamisa, who mourned, “I am deeply saddened by the passing of Hon Murisi Zwizwai in the early hours of this morning [1 June]. We collaborated from the onset of the fight for change and freedom in Zimbabwe. He was warm-hearted, cheerful, and generous. My thoughts are with his family and friends. Rest in peace, Murambwi.”

Job Sikhala and Murisi Zwizwai

In 2003, Zwizwai assumed the Harare Central Member of Parliament position after a by-election following Mike Auret’s resignation due to illness, marking the onset of Zwizwai’s four parliamentary terms, spanning from 2003 to 2022.

During the Government of National Unity (GNU) era, he served as the Deputy Minister of Media, Information, and Publicity.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesman, George Charamba, lamented, “He was an exceptional deputy minister of information during the government of national unity (2009-2013), and during my tenure at the ministry. Despite our party differences, we collaborated effectively.”

When Nelson Chamisa splintered from the MDC to establish the CCC in 2022, the CCC Senator was among the founding members. He successfully contested the 2022 by-elections and secured the Harare Central seat. At the time of his passing, Zwizwai was one of the five candidates nominated by Sengezo Tshabangu in April to fill vacancies in the Zimbabwean Senate. These vacancies arose following Tshabangu’s recall of five CCC senators, asserting his position as the interim secretary-general of the CCC party.

Mourners are gathering at 8 Tayfield Road in Waterfalls to pay their respects.