Zvidzai Declines Deputy Chief Whip Role Offered by Tshabangu

June 2, 2024
Senator Sesel Zvidzai | Report Focus News
Senator Sesel Zvidzai

HARARE | Senator Sesel Zvidzai from Midlands Province has turned down the position of Deputy Chief Whip for the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in the Senate. Sengezo Tshabangu, who claims to be the party’s Interim Secretary General, appointed Zvidzai along with more than a dozen other CCC lawmakers to various committees.

Previously, Zvidzai served as Chief Whip in the Senate until Parliament nullified appointments made by Jameson Timba, citing Timba’s lack of authority to make such appointments.

According to OpenParly, Zvidzai declined the recent appointment and stated his unavailability for the role. He addressed the Senate, saying:

“On a point of privilege Mr. President Sir… I would like to inform you and the House of my unavailability to serve as Deputy Chief Whip in the Senate. I thank you.”

Joanah Mamombe, Member of Parliament for Harare West, also distanced herself from Tshabangu’s appointments, asserting that Nelson Chamisa had appointed her.

To date, the Parliament of Zimbabwe only recognizes Tshabangu when dealing with opposition matters. In October 2023, Tshabangu, a relatively unknown opposition activist, wrote to Parliament and the Ministry of Local Government, recalling several CCC MPs and councilors.

Both Parliament and the Minister acted on Tshabangu’s letters, despite his lack of official CCC office or candidacy in the 2023 general elections. Tshabangu continued to recall additional CCC councilors and MPs, with the courts upholding his actions, effectively making him the de facto leader of the opposition party.

This week, Tshabangu reshuffled the party’s leadership in Parliament and appointed himself as Leader of The Opposition. This move followed Parliament’s decision to revoke the appointments made by Jameson Timba earlier in the year.