Opposition Parties Endorse Kasukuwere as Presidential Candidate for 2023 Elections

December 22, 2022
| Report Focus News

HARARE, Zimbabwe – A coalition of opposition parties in Zimbabwe known as Freedom for Economic Emancipation (FEEZ) has announced its endorsement of former Zanu PF official Saviour Kasukuwere as its candidate for the 2023 presidential elections.

Kasukuwere, a member of the controversial “G40 cabal,” fled the country during the height of political tensions and infighting within Zanu PF. In recent months, he has indicated his intention to run for president in the upcoming elections.

FEEZ leader Godfrey Tsenengamu believes that Kasukuwere has the necessary experience and ability to defeat current President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the election. Tsenengamu has even called on members of the Zanu PF party to vote against Mnangagwa in the upcoming elections.

The coalition, which aims to challenge the dominance of both Zanu PF and the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), will reportedly back Kasukuwere in the general elections.

However, Kasukuwere’s relationship with the current leadership of Zanu PF is strained, and he has previously ruled out seeking readmission into the party. Tsenengamu has also claimed that Kasukuwere has faced persecution, including a legal battle to keep his farm after the government attempted to seize it.

Despite these challenges, Tsenengamu remains confident in Kasukuwere’s chances in the upcoming elections. “The country has political toxicity and polarisation, we can not agree on anything. We are always opposing each other,” Tsenengamu said. “Saviour Kasukuwere of the past is now different from the one I have been interacting with, he understands now what it means to be out of power. The system knows that if he comes, there is no way ED [Mnangagwa] is going to get 50% of the votes.”