Malawians ready to support Zimbabwe in anti-sanctions march

October 8, 2019
| Report Focus News
Zimbabwe Annie Kumwenda

Malawian citizens residing in Zimbabwe are ready to support Zimbabwe in anti- sanctions demonstrations scheduled for the 25th this month, Malawi Ambassador to Zimbabwe Annie Kumwenda has announced.

Addressing journalists in Harare on Tuesday Ambassador Kumwenda said they are ready to join Zimbabwe in the demonstrations as sanctions are affecting the whole SADC region.

“Sanctions are not impacting Zimbabweans only but it is also affecting SADC countries, so it will be of no sense to stay at home while we are suffering. Malawians are also suffering so we have to act because they 6.2 million Malawians here in Zimbabwe,” said Ambassador Kumwenda
“We heard of xenophobic attacks last month and l can tell you that it’s all because of sanctions because they have led to the decline of the economy thereby leading people to migrate to South Africa to look for a better life. People were being killed like animals. It is so sad,” A member of Malawi, Zimbabwe UK Association who spoke on anonymity said sanctions are also impacting business entrepreneurs due to the demise of economy and hyperinflation.

“Sanctions are not affecting the targeted people but it is affecting those at the grassroots especially business entrepreneur. We are now operating at a loss due to the decline of the economy. Even if we want to import our products it will be not any value,” he said

The Zimbabwean Government with the support of the SADC the regional bloc is set to hold a demonstration against sanctions imposed on the country by the American government under the Zimbabwe Democracy and Recovery Act (ZIDERA).

According to the government the current economic crisis is as a result of the economic sanctions something many are not in agreement with as they say corruption and bad governance are the root cause.