Police officer arrested over $1 million gold theft

August 17, 2018
| Report Focus News

Police-constable Ncube and a second man believed to be a gold buyer are being held for the theft of gold worth $1 million from Plumtree Police Station.

On Wednesday after officers found the police armoury, where the gold was being kept, had been broken into with a duplicate key which was left in the keyhole.

The gold, weighing 28.53kg, was to be used as an exhibit in an impending trial after it was seized at the Plumtree border with Botswana by the Minerals and Border Control Unit.

“Constable Ncube went to a madzibaba (seer) for luck. He tendered eight grams of gold as payment. The madzibaba knew about the stolen gold and alerted the police,” a police source said.

Constable Ncube had been arrested over the theft by Criminal Investigations Department detectives after he bought three vehicles.

3kgs of gold and $37,000 in cash has been recovered.

His home was raided by police, they found three vehicles – a Toyota Quantum, a Toyota Wish and a Toyota Regius – which had no number plates and were yet to be registered.

Detectives are looking for 3 more police officers believed to have been involved in the theft.