Grace Mugabe Sued For Failing To Pay Legal Fees

August 11, 2018
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Report Focus - Grace Mugabe

FORMER First Lady Grace Mugabe has reportedly been sued by lawyers who represented her in several court cases involving a botched $1.2 million diamond ring deal after she failed to pay them legal fees amounting to $278 000.

Manase and Manase legal practitioners had acted on behalf of the former first lady Grace Mugabe in court following a botched diamond ring deal with a Lebanese dealer Jamal Ahmed, the report said.

Grace made headlines in 2016, with reports saying that the deal came to light after she demanded a refund, which she allegedly wanted paid to her in Dubai.

The diamond ring had been meant to be former president Robert Mugabe’s wedding anniversary present to her.

The year 2016 marked the 20th anniversary of the Mugabes’ wedding.

Following the botched deal, Ahmed had dragged the former first lady to court, accusing her of occupying three of his properties in Zimbabwe.

He also claimed at the time that he had received threats from Grace and her son Russell Goreraza.

Grace’s security personnel, Kennedy Fero, was also said to be implicated, the Independent newspaper reported.

In the process, according to the Chronicle, Grace did not pay the lawyers for their services after the deal dragged on in court for months.

The lawyers were also demanding a 10% interest per annum.

The legal services – which included the drafting of legal documents, litigation procedures and hearings plus round table meetings – were rendered for at least 2 years.

Attempts to get the owed legal fees have been futile and the case has now reached the country’s high court, said the report.