President Mnangagwa Creates App That Allows Followers To Get News Updates Directly From Him

June 28, 2018
| Report Focus News

Presidents and state leaders in all countries have the most active and the most followed social media accounts in almost all social networks. Most have gone an extra mile to create portals/websites to highlight their achievements, to impress the citizens. However, accounts can be mimicked by malicious people in the sphere of modern technology where social media is hard to monitor and control.

In Zimbabwe, the President, Emerson Mnangagwa, has gone a notch higher to create an app that gives live updates to his followers, directly from him.

The new app named Mnangagwa entails sections such as About Me, News, Manifesto, Facebook, Twitter, Public Chat, Photos, Videos and My Team. This simply combines all the major social media networks as well as a portal/website.

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“Presidential News straight from the President himself. Contact your Future ZANU PF legislators via Whatsapp. Discuss national issues with other citizens on public chat. Watch live facebook streams of my events and rallies. Read ZANU PF manifesto and the country’s constitution. Know your rights,” reads the description of the app on Playstore.

The app has a thousand downloads so far.

The app allows the user to chat through Whatsapp with representatives of the government from different regions.

Kahawa Tungu decided to give it a try and talk to Honourable Remigio Matangira, from Bindura South. However, somebody else who identified himself as Nyasha responded.

He said, “I was cell chairman in border Gezi branch, but now in broke and out of that market place. Currently staying in Budiriro, unemployed. I’m not Remigio I think now you understand me (sic).”

Most probably, President Mnangagwa has one of the noblest technological ideas amongst his counterparts in the developing world, but poorly implemented. this might do more harm than the good intended.

In the Public Chat section, members of the public can engage and discuss matters of the party, Zanu PF.