President Mnangagwa ‘making empty promises’, says US senator

June 4, 2018
| Report Focus News

A United States senator has reportedly accused Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa of making “empty promises” and  “deliberately delaying the implementation of electoral reforms in order to disadvantage opposition parties in the forthcoming polls”.

Senator Chris Coons, said that Mnangagwa had failed to deliver on his promises, and as a result, was creating an unequal ground for his rivals in the upcoming July 30 elections.

Coons said that conditions for a free and fair election in Zimbabwe did not meet the Southern African Development Community (SADC) standards.

He said that Mnangagwa should act “if he wants a significant shift on US policy on his government”.

Mnangagwa who is vying to retain his post after he took over from Robert Mugabe with the help of the military last November, has promised free, fair and credible elections.

The US government has made it clear to Harare that it will only review the lifting of sanctions that were imposed against the country two decades ago after a free and fair election this July.

The European Union and the United US imposed sanctions against Zimbabwe in 2000, after they accused Mugabe of trampling on human rights, rigging elections and repression of press freedom – accusations that the nonagenarian denied.