Elizabeth Macheka Tsvangirai’s Message To Zimbabweans

March 1, 2018
| Report Focus News

Thank you, Zimbabwe and the multitudes of colleagues from Africa, the Diplomatic Community, all the political parties, friends and relatives who turn up for the funeral of my loving husband, Morgan.

To the multitudes who turned up at the hospital in South Africa at our home in Highlands, at the Methodist church in Mabelreign and at all gatherings to do with the funeral of my late loving husband, I say thank you. On behalf of myself and the children, we felt comforted by your messages and your presence when you came to mourn with us. Yes, I had known from the outset that Morgan was a national figure that I would share with you all but your commiseration with me and the family was overwhelming and unprecedented!

Brand Morgan touched everyone’s heart and soul but I hugely felt humbled by everyone’s love and support in my hour of grief. Thank you, Zimbabwe for your presence, your messages and your words of comfort. I am still grieving but your overwhelming presence gave me unprecedented warmth and companionship.

To my dear Morgan, I say go well.

Go well my dearest and I have no doubt that the love you had for your fellow countrymen will ensure that you get eternal peace in the hands of the Almighty. Yes, we are still grieving and the void you left will never be filled but I shall cherish the time the Lord, favoured me to be with you.

Thank you, everyone, for standing by me and the family in our time of grief. Lastly, I would like to express my profound gratitude to the MDC Family, the government of Zimbabwe, the Tsvangirai family, the Macheka family, civic organisations, the Roman Catholic Church, the Methodist church ofZimbabwe, Doves Funeral Services, Nyaradzo Funeral services, Bakers Inn and the world at large who extended their sympathy and support on the passing away of my husband after a long battle with colon cancer.

May the Almighty God bless you all
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Elizabeth Tsvangirai