Jonathan Moyo calls Nelson Chamisa a hopeless charlatan.

February 23, 2018
| Report Focus News

G40 kingpin Jonathan Moyo has blasted acting Movement for Democratic Change president Nelson Chamisa as a hopeless charlatan.

Though he did not mention the MDC or Chamisa by name, Moyo tweeted: “Anyone who claims entitlement to leadership of an elective structure on grounds of anointment or inheritance is a hopeless charlatan!”

Chamisa was appointed by the party’s national council to act as president for 12 months only hours after party leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s death.

His colleagues Thokozani Khupe and Elias Mudzuri did not attend the meeting as they were already at Tsvangirai’s home mourning their departed leader.

Khupe claims she is the legitimate acting president because she was elected vice-president at the party congress while Chamisa and Mudzuri were appointed by Tsvangirai after congress.

Chamisa has dismissed Khupe’s argument saying the three deputy presidents are equal.

He also says there is no time to hold an extra-ordinary congress as elections are only three months away.

According to the national constitution, elections should be held between 23 July and 21 August.

Mnangagwa has hinted that they might be held earlier but he is likely to comply with the constitution as he is all out to regain international confidence and credibility.

Moyo’s tweet was greeted with both skepticism and praise by his followers.

McWilton said: “You booted out ED for Mugabe to anoint GucciGrace.   Now you complain and this is N.O.Y.B. You logic never cease to amae us.”

Raphael responded: “Apa wakuma apa.”

But Tafunga Mangombe did not agree: “Poor  memory  Coconut  head  u used  to worship  a 94 year  old  Mugabe  who  was just  being endosed not elected.”

Patson Dzamara chipped in: “Anyone who claims to be about leadership renewal and yet fronts a 94 year old is a hopeless hallucinator.”

Maxwel Mutero, agreed: “Haaaa wamupedzera”.

Fafie said: “Tinorova vanhu vane mhanza dzinokuya dovi.  $10 kana akazvarwa akadaro.  $100 kana akamboti “Did It”.”

Sydney F Zhakata, supported Moyo: “Hausati wambotaura chokwadi chinopfuura apa, shuwa G40 naChamisa should pay attention .”

And so did Tanaka: “Was having discussions with some colleagues earlier about the same thing. They’re all for Chamisa and seem very keen to see the suspension of the laws in order to catapult him into power. It’s hypocritical.”

Tapiwa Bvekera disagreed: “For the record I’m for constitutionalism, but going for a Congress is not the only way of following the constitution of the MDC. @nelsonchamisa has been elected acting president according to the @mdczimbabwe constitution I still stand by that!”

To which Tanaka responded: “The problem is that there are now too many candidates claiming legitimacy. Highlighting clauses over social media won’t bring closure. A ‘clear the air’ event like a congress will bring closure.”