Everyone who served the Zimbabwe government since 1980 must go now says Jonathan Moyo

February 14, 2018
| Report Focus News

Zimbabwe : Jonathan Moyo, one of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s strongest critics, says for Zimbabwe to truly have a meaningful transition, a new dispensation and a new era, all those who have been in cabinet, or in the hierarchy of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, the security services or the public service since 1980 must go now.

While some of his twitter followers said this was one of the most sensible things Moyo had said, others said Moyo was not sincere.

Moyo was ne of the kingpins of the G40 faction of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front which was pushing for a generational renewal within the ruling party but used the former first lady Grace Mugabe as a front.

He is currently in exile but insists that Mnangagwa’s government is illegitimate as it is the product of a coup.

“For #Zimbabwe to truly have a #MeaningfulTransition, a #NewDispensation & a #NewEra; ALL those who have been in #Cabinet or in the hierarchy of  #ZimbabweDefenceForces, #SecurityServices or #PublicService since 1980 & have clocked 37 or more years MUST NOW GO! #TheirTimeIsUp!” he tweeted.

GoppazZim responded: “In the more than 25 yes I have known u, this is the only sensible thing u have said…”

William Zambezi, agreed: “since he joined us here in diaspora, nhasi chete ndopaataura zvine sense, i even liked and retweeted that.”

Lawrence Hoba was skeptical, tweeting: “wamboedza kutaura but truth be said, we would be in a deeper shithole right now with Jonso @ProfJNMoyo and Grace in power. Coz last I checked by the day of the coup bond/US rate was at 1.95 and everything was spiralling towards a repeat 2008.”

Mzaya Hector, shared the same view: “Hanzi if Jonso ain’t eating no one else should be eating. As sensible as this sound it lack sincerity. I am sure if ED was to call you back to Gvt that rhetoric will change. The same way you changed about Bob when he recalled you back to Gvt. Selfish exiled Citizen”.

Mnangagwa has been in government since 1980 while Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga was in the defence forces since independence.

Vice-President Kembo Mohadi joined the government 16 years ago.