BREAKING: 2017 Zimbabwe O-level English Paper II nullified

February 8, 2018
Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council Zimsec | Report Focus News
Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (Zimsec)

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Professor Paul Mavhima says the November 2017 Ordinary Level examination English Language Paper 2 results have been nullified following widespread cheating through social media.

It was validated during the marking of the paper.

The exam will be reset and candidates will have to re-write on Friday 16 February from 1000hrs to 1200hrs.

All candidates are required to report to the 2017 exam centers for the exam.

Release of results put on hold

The release of the 2017 O-level exam results has been put on hold pending the finalisation of the re-writing and re-marking of the exams.

Students will not be required to pay exam fees and students are restricted from writing at other centres.

Cheating students banned

Those candidates caught cheating on the previous exam are banned from re-writing.

Minister Mavima said the decision was a painstaking one but is in the pursuit of maintaining the integrity of the national exams.