Donald Trump to Bail Out MDC Govt With $15 Billion for Reconstruction, says Nelson Chamisa

January 29, 2018
| Report Focus News

 U.S. President Donald Trump pledged to bail out the MDC Alliance government with $15 billion for reconstruction and economic recovery programmes if they are voted into office in the forthcoming polls scheduled for July this year, MDC Alliance President has said.

Nelson Chamisa, who is also MDC-T vice president, said this to party supporters who thronged Chisamba Grounds in Sakubva for a rally Sunday.

“When we met with President Trump in America alongside Biti, he asked us how much we needed to move the country forward and we told him that we needed $15 billion,” said Chamisa amid a thunderous applause from the bumper crowd.

He said Trump assured them that that the funds would be disbursed immediately after winning elections since his government has faith in the MDC Alliance.

“He assured us that the money will be disbursed soon after winning the elections. He told us that he had faith in us because we don’t behave like Zanu PF crooks,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa said the MDC Alliance was different from Zanu PF which has a long history of abusing and diverting funds intended to develop the country and empower the communities.

He extended an olive branch to Zimbabwe People’s Party (ZPP) leader Joice Mujuru, saying she must think twice and re-join the “big tent”.

Chamisa introducing MDC Alliance colleagues

“Vana mai Mujuru please come with your parties and join rwizi rukuru Save (Morgan Tsvangirai). We have done a pact with all these parties but we are moving forward to form a grand coalition,” said Chamisa.

He said the people of Zimbabwe cannot afford to give Zanu PF another five year term to mess up.

“Former Zanu PF leader President Mugabe said asante sana and 2018 we are also saying asante sana to Zanu PF. We need to deal with Zanu PF once and for all for destroying our economy. We cannot allow Zanu PF to rule for another five years in office. 37 years of failure cannot be corrected by yet another five years of failure,” said Chamisa.

Speaking on the same occasion, MDC Alliance chairperson for Mobilising, Morgan Komichi, said Zanu PF has reformed it’s self on the way they conduct themselves during their campaigns and, as such, the MDC Alliance should take a leaf from the ruling party by not using slogans which incite violence and promote hate language.

“Zanu PF has changed from the way it used to conduct itself during rallies and campaigns. They have changed their slogans. They are now using slogans which promote peace. Let’s take a leaf from them and change the way we do our slogans.

“Let’s move away from those slogans which promote violence through using hate language. We are against the slogans which say down with certain individuals. Down with someone means someone has to die and we don’t want that,”Komichi told party supporters.

He said party supporters should stick to the slogan “Chakachaya muna 2018” or “Valangebhetshu” meaning protect your vote from rigging or fraud by all possible means.