EX Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe not immune from prosecution

January 25, 2018
| Report Focus News

Robert and Grace Mugabe are living comfortably but the former first lady could be prosecuted for crimes allegedly committed while her husband was in power.

Robert Mugabe’s downfall in Zanu PF circles is largely credited to his wife.

Independent legislator Temba Mliswa‚ who was fired from Zanu PF for his close allegiance to Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2016‚ on Wednesday demanded that Grace Mugabe face the music.

“The former first lady is sitting on over 20 farms‚ what is government doing to recover these farms‚” he asked.

Grace Mugabe owns vast tracks of land in Mazowe‚ 35 kilometres north-east of Harare‚ where she set up an orphanage‚ private school and dairy farm where her Alfa and Omega ice cream and milk are produced. In her latest land grabs‚ displaced villagers are seeking justice and some have been seen back at the property.

News Day reported that Grace Mugabe was embroiled in a land dispute with Eaglesvale Daisyfield Trust (EDT) which runs Eaglesvale High School in Harare.

The land in question – situated in Borrowdale‚ the richest square mile in Zimbabwe – was allegedly donated to the latter by the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ).

Police spokesman Paul Nyathi said it was a civil matter between Mugabe and the trust.

Mliswa also demanded that parliament look into the source of funds used by Grace Mugabe to accumulate wealth.

“The cars belonging to Grace should simply be accounted for‚ [with] proof of payment and source of funds. If this can’t be done they should be forfeited to the state‚” he added.

Grace Mugabe got embroiled in a legal battle early in 2017 with a Lebanese businessman over a diamond ring worth US$1.2-million which she bought from him. Fearing for his life‚ Jamal Joseph Hamed fled Zimbabwe and five of his houses were put under police guard by Grace Mugabe.

However‚ since her fall from power‚ police have been withdrawn from the properties.

Grace Mugabe reportedly owns houses in South Africa‚ Dubai and Singapore.

During an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in Davos‚ President Mnangagwa in reference to the Mugabes’ immunity said the family received a “very lucrative package” and he would make sure they were “undisturbed” but he has not given anyone immunity from prosecution in the future.