Zimbabweans killed for body parts to Zambia?

January 14, 2018
| Report Focus News

The Member of Parliament for Binga North Prince Dubeko Sibanda says five people from his constituency were killed last year along the Zambezi River with their body parts including their heads being taken to Zambia.

He asked the leader of Government business in Parliament, Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, what the government was doing to protect citizens who live along the border.

“In my constituency, we have experienced about five Zimbabwean citizens last year who were murdered along the Zambezi River for purposes of taking body parts including their heads to Zambia,” Sibanda said.

“We have had a number of our fishermen along the Zambezi River being attacked by armed people from the Republic of Zambia and being robbed of their boats and engines.

“My question to the Leader of Government Business is, what is our policy with regards protection of citizens of this country that are living along the borders with other countries, with specific reference to protection of citizens who live along boundaries which are made up of water bodies?”

Ziyambi said he would raise the issue with the Minister of Home Affairs to ensure that there is more security in that area.