Tsholotsho teachers collapsed and die

January 8, 2018
| Report Focus News

TWO Tsholotsho teachers collapsed and died, one in Bulawayo and the other in Tsholotsho, days before schools opening today.

Ms Gertrude Siziba (43) from Bulawayo’s Old Pumula suburb collapsed and died while cleaning her home around 6AM on Thursday.

She taught infants at Kapane Primary School in Tsholotsho.

Mr Msindisi Ncube of Bhubhude area, who taught at Bhubhude Primary School, also in Tsholotsho, collapsed and died on Saturday night around 10PM.
Siziba’s mother, Mrs Jerita Siziba said she was still in shock over her daughter’s death.

“Gertrude was in perfect health. Last term she complained of pain in her right leg but everyone can witness that she had recovered from that.

“On the first week of school holidays, she visited her doctor, who confirmed that she was now well, and her leg no longer swelled like before. Throughout the holiday, Gertrude was a happy and healthy woman who suddenly shocked us by leaving us, just like that,” she said.

“What pains me the most is that we both woke up on that day and got busy as we wanted to get into town, without even greeting each other. Actually, she spoke to one of our neighbours, Mrs Lunga as they both swept outside.

“I woke up first and got busy with my sewing and when she woke up, she started cleaning the back part of the house and outside. After sweeping I actually saw her, but we never talked. I was startled by the sound of her heavy breathing. I rushed to check. I saw her on the floor gasping for breath as she died. We called neighbours and an ambulance team confirmed her death after failing to resuscitate her,” she said.

Gertrude’s sister Natasha Siziba said everything happened fast.

“We laid her to rest on Saturday but it all still looks like a fiction movie to us. The police, ambulance team and neighbours did the best they could but Gertrude was gone. It’s sad and unbelievable,” she said.

Tsholotsho District Schools Inspector Mr Bhekimpilo Mahlangu confirmed both deaths.

He said Ncube collapsed and died while bathing, in preparation to go to bed.

“He wasn’t complaining of any known ailment. He was a dedicated colleague who was actually preparing for back to school. He collapsed and died while bathing,” said Mr Mahlangu.

On Christmas Day, a 68-year-old woman from Pumula North mysteriously died in a toilet.

She was found dead in a toilet at a home in Matshobana suburb where she had gone to collect money that had been sent by her son from South Africa.

The woman was not suffering any known ailments.