Grace Mugabe’s son abandons SA pregnant lover

December 28, 2017
| Report Focus News

South African student Dineo Gwendoline, 22, this week said she has been abandoned by Grace Mugabe’s son from her first marriage, Russell Goreraza after falling pregnant.

She said that she had opted for an abortion but shelved the idea after Goreraza failed to pay the money.

Said Gwendoline: “I’m pregnant with Russell Goreraza’s child. He knew from the very first time I found out. He has changed towards me now. I asked for his help and he keeps giving me excuses till this day.

“He has told me that if I decide to keep the baby he’ll run off since his not a South African (SA) citizen; it isn’t going to affect him at all.

“Ever since we’ve being seeing each other since late 2016 we’ve not used a condom, ever! Why then now does he get me pregnant and think it’s all on me.

“Instead of owning up to his responsibilities he is busy parading the world, sleeping, partying and paying different prostitutes.”

Gwendoline said she is willing to do a DNA test to prove that Goreraza is her child’s father.