Opinion : Emmerson Mnangagwa Wins White Vote Against Tsvangirai

December 26, 2017
| Report Focus News

Stanely Goreraza | Reading the most recent Eddie Cross blog it’s clear he has no problems with Emmerson Mnangagwa being President and that is most likely because he is unhappy with his own party, the MDC. And he is not the only white person who seems to have taken a great liking to Emmerson Mnangagwa. A lot of white people prefer him over the MDC and not because some of them have got their land back, but because the MDC does not make a better alternative.

Look, 20% of monies that reach the MDC go to Morgan Tsvangirai and this atrocious madness was added to their constitution. Imagine if the presidents office received 20% of the national budget allocation then Emmerson Mnangagwa would have $1 billion to use as he sees fit. This would be taking corruption and consitutionalizing it. On top of that he has control over party accounts!

All matters are refered to him for decision. Even the Secretary General was stopped from discharging his duties yesterday and publicly rebuked for doing his job. No one in the party is allowed to comment or interfere on Alliance matters. The Alliance is out of bounds to the rest of MDC leaders.

He has sidelined his congressionally elected deputy and now delegates duties to a handpicked deputy he appointed to undermine the real MDC deputy President. This man leads unilaterally. He leads alone and by decree. An opposition dictator would be a thousand times worse than Zanu PF or Mr Mugabe.

He is still opposition leader thanks to bending and breaking rules, cult of personality and that the Mdc has more fanatics than supporters, the chete chete brigade.

I like almost everyone else would love nothing better than to see Zanu PF gone. But replacing Zanupf with something similar or worse would not only be purposeless but absolutely stupid.

Eddie Cross seems to think the same. And he is inside the MDC, ko iwe uri ukowo zvako ungazive kumupfura?