Zimbabwe Declares End to Illegal Land Occupations

December 25, 2017
| Report Focus News
The minister for Agriculture, Lands and Resettlement, Perrance Shiri, said that the Zimbabwean Government will not allow new illegal occupations of lands, and warned that severe measures will be taken against those who stop the work in the farms, it was reported here today.
According to The Herald, Shiri pointed out that authorities will promote the lease of lands for 99 years and will not tolerate illegal occupations in order to assure the success of agricultural plans.

We need total stability in the farms, so no more illegal occupations will be authorized, said the minister when presenting the so-called Stockbreeding, Fishing and Wildlife Command, according to the newspaper.

He said that the process to lease lands for 99 years will be sped up, so that farmers can plan their productions, and funds will be available for them. He added that the general supervision office will assure the implementation of these measures.

Shiri stated that the solution to the conflicts over the property of lands will be fast so that their operations can continue without difficulties and that vital economic sector for the country’s development can be recovered.

The minister’s statements came a few days after several farms were returned to their white owners, who had been expelled by forced by the groups that occupied them.