The Zimbabwe Republic Police has scrapped spot fines

December 22, 2017
| Report Focus News

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has scrapped spot fines which were one of the main causes of corruption at roadblocks which have been reduced to not more than one per 100 km radius.

A memo sent out by the ZRP says:  “Traffic enforcement and road safety duties are to be done by Traffic Branch whose main focus shall be promotion and facilitation of road safety and security through traffic awareness campaigns and other road safety programmes.

“Traffic police shall ensure a coordinated weekly roadblock schedule and roadblock spacing has been revised to not more than one roadblock within 100 kilometres.”

It adds: “No spot fines are to be imposed on the motoring public, considerations are being made for us to revert to the ticketing system using Forms 265. Our new culture is to serve with a smile and to prioritise premier customer care. There shall be zero tolerance to corruption across the organisation and where it is observed the perpetrator is to appear in the criminal court within 48 hours and in the disciplinary court within 72 hours.”