Zimbabwe Opposition to Monitor President Mnangagwa in Fulfilling SONA Promises

December 22, 2017
| Report Focus News

New president Emmerson Mnangagwa made his maiden State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Wednesday, painting a picture of a Zimbabwe on the path to recovery and steps his government will take to ensure a quick path to recovery.

Mnangagwa further claimed that some of the country’s policies initiated a few months back were beginning to bear fruit. His speech was well-received by some members of the opposition.

Eddie Cross is a member of parliament for Bulawayo South and member of the main opposition group, the Movement for Democratic Change.

“I thought for his maiden SONA it was a very good effort. I think he hit on all the right buttons and I think his commitment at the end to a free and fair election was very, very important. I’m basically very pleased he’s made a good start.”

During the address members of parliament periodically banged on their tables and clapped in agreement with Mnagagwa.

Thokozani Khuphe is a member of parliament and the vice president for Movement for Democratic Change party.

“Uprooting corruption, creating employment and making sure that there is value addition, there are so many things that are incorporated into that speech. So we would want to wait and see. For now it is difficult to judge him because this is his first time. The problem that we have had with our previous governments is that they say things but they don’t implement.”

Kindness Paradza, who represents Makonde as a member of the ruling party Zanu Pf, was happy with the address.

“The president was very clear and this is now a new dispensation. He is discussing about producing a cocktail of policy measures which are going to revive this economy and he is going to do that. We are happy that he also talks and he is so serious about re-engagement and engaging also with international community.”

Paradza says he would love to see Zimbabwe back in the Commonwealth of Nations and cultivating economically beneficial relations with other countries.

Mnangagwa said growing the economy is high on his agenda and his government is currently on a 100-day challenge to begin to address most of the country’s biggest problems.