Former Employee Exposes Kawusukure Money Laundering

December 20, 2017
| Report Focus News

United Touring Company was taken over by Kasukuwere and Nicholas Goche.

Kasukuwere and Nicholas Goche instructed the staff, not to bank USD and were taking the cash every week including UTC Zambia. Zambia stopped them because they believed it was money laundering.

With cash sales being spent the company could not even to buy fuel.

They appointed Donald Mccdevits and Murphy to do retrenchment packages for employee an agreement was drafted and they promised to pay us before we leave employment.

They didn’t pay us up to now even up to now. They later came with a liquidation process of which they sold all the assets they had found with the company.

All the former employees are in poverty and it’s difficult to get jobs worse in affording lawyers.

We feel this is inappropriate as some died because of failing just to buy prescriptions from clinics.

The master of Zimbabwe high Court granted in their favour but didn’t even tell the employees that they have finalised their decision.

Employees were promised to be paid all retrenchment packages by October 2011 but no one has been paid.

UTC owed its workers nearly half a million dollars in outstanding salaries and terminal benefits.

We appeal to the current government to pay us. If they have used the money.  We appeal their properties and pay us our money.

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