Zimbabwe Defence Forces warns Zimbabweans

December 14, 2017
| Report Focus News

Harare – The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) has reportedly warned citizens against seeking the service of the army to “fight personal battles”, saying that this was against the precepts of the law.

According Herald newspaper, ZDF also warned against malicious individuals who aimed at disturbing peace and taking advantage of the army’s ongoing Operation Restore Legacy.

The security forces said that they were aware of imposters who were impersonating members of ZDF on videos that were being shared over social media sites.

The ZDF said in a statement: “Members of the public are warned against seeking the services of the ZDF to settle personal scores taking advantage of the ongoing Operation Restore Legacy. Such cases are clearly in violation of the law.”

The army said that if this was allowed to continue there was a risk of dividing the southern African country since the ouster of former president Robert Mugabe last month.

A report by Al Jazeera this week quoted Nelson Chamisa, a leader of the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance – the country’s largest opposition coalition of seven political parties – as saying that the ongoing joint deployment of the police-army across the country was likely to chase away investors.

The deployment of the army began after a military operation was launched on November 15, targeting “criminals” associated with Mugabe.

“The continued occupation of the streets by the army scares away investors. It does not inspire confidence,” Chamisa was cited as saying at a news conference in the capital Harare

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