Zimbabwe trade Unions demand deposed Mugabe repays back Millions of pounds

December 10, 2017
| Report Focus News

ZIMBABWE’s trade union leaders will today demand Robert Mugabe hand back hundreds of millions of pounds to the nation’s treasury.

Union leaders demanded Mugabe repay millions of pounds of stolen public money. He is believed to have amassed a fortune worth more than £750million during his 37 years in power, according to leaked CIA documents,

But as the 93-year-old continues a selfimposed house arrest in his £7.5million mansion, an executive meeting of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions in Macheke, 70 miles south-east of capital Harare, will demand the returning of fortunes owned by Mugabe and his extended family.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has declared a three-month amnesty for the return of public funds hidden abroad, although sources said that he is not expected to include his old mentor in his public stance against corruption.

Vimbai Zinyama, of the ZCTU which represents more than 300,000 workers, said: “This is public money. Robert Mugabe overspent his annual budget by £32m just last year
“It belongs to the people of Zimbabwe and it should be returned.