Where is Prof Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo ?

December 10, 2017
| Report Focus News

Jonathan Moyo’s twitter account went dead on 14 November the day when the military started closing in on Harare and finally took over the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and former President Robert Mugabe’s Blue roof mansion.

He resurrected on 21 November after Mugabe resigned, proclaiming that there will never be anyone like Mugabe.

But it was after Mnangagwa was sworn in on 24 November and his colleagues Ignatius Chombo, Kudzanai Chipanga and Innocent Hamandishe appeared in court that he started tweeting more frequently.

In one tweet which was removed, Moyo said he and colleagues Saviour Kasukuwere and more than 50 others had skipped the country, but he is able to tweet official documents, some of which even those in the country have a problem finding, implying that if he is really out of the country, he still has strong connections within the government.

He tweeted the new cabinet, for example, an hour or so after it was announced, yet this was done around midnight when most people had gone to bed.

If Moyo skipped the country, then what he tweeted on 28 November that 25 sharpshooters attacked the house where he and Kasukuwere were with their families, cannot be true.

How did he and Kasukuwere escape?

One of his followers, who seems to have a military background, said the story was unbelievable because one needed only four sharpshooters to do the job and not 25.

Another commented: “25 SAS highly trained and they all missed? No-one was hurt. Not adding up here? Chombo & Chipanga were arrested and you are a free person. Tell the world the truth Moyo, you have always been Lacoste. All along it was a show, soon you will be back in ZANUPF. Bob was fooled. Shame!”

Moyo has been tweeting regularly ever since, commenting on very topical issues, yet no one can explain how he skipped the country when he and Kasukuwere were probably the most sought after persons.

The question is: Is someone playing with our minds?

Just after the military intervention, the media both conventional and social was awash with news that former first lady Grace Mugabe had skipped to Namibia. But it turned out she had been in the Blue Roof all along but seemed to have lost a bit of weight and shine when was photographed after her husband resigned.

Could this be the same thing that is happening that Moyo and Kasukuwere are in the country but someone is tweeting on their behalf, creating tweets so controversial that we the public can believe it is really Jonathan Moyo tweeting?

It happened before with Baba Jukwa. He or she or they had everyone fooled and was killed after the job was done. ZANU-PF had won the elections with an overwhelming majority.

It happened with Manheru. He was only killed recently when things got out of hand.

It could be happening with Jonathan Moyo.  I for one do not believe he is outside the country because of the original documents he is posting.

Besides, if he is outside the country where could he be hiding because he was the one who said on 8 November after reports that Mnangagwa had skipped the country: “In terms of truth & justice, the law has a long arm which can reach anyone, everywhere, any time. You can run but you can’t hide!”