Jonathan Moyo savages George Charamba

December 10, 2017
| Report Focus News

Former higher education minister Jonathan Moyo has dismissed claims that mooted Robert Mugabe University was the brainchild of President Emmerson Mnangagwa as “bootlicking idiocy”.

The claim was made by presidential spokesperson and information ministry permanent secretary George Charamba.

According to Moyo however, the university, which would be in honour of the former president was mooted by former First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Moyo is now in exile after the military intervention that brought Mugabe’s 37-year rule to an abrupt end last month.

Commenting on Twitter Saturday, the ex-minister said; “The claim that the RGM University is a Mnangagwa idea is bootlicking idiocy.

“It was first initiated by the Mugabe family itself led by Amai Dr Mugabe (Grace) and assisted by (former Finance minister Ignatius) Chombo.”

Moyo also revealed that Mugabe’s nephew Albert Mugabe did the first designs.

The former cabinet minister and G40 kingpin’s anger stems from reports which revealed that Grace’s fall-out with Mnangagwa had its origins in the $1billion-dollar university project which was reportedly to be funded by the State.

Charamba, according to the reports, claimed Zanu PF member Biggie Matiza had done the initial designs of the university after Mnangagwa mooted the idea.

The presidential spokesperson, who also served Mugabe in the same capacity, has had numerous run-ins with Moyo since the two reportedly fell out over the Zanu PF succession issue.

Charamba at one point told Moyo, then his boss as information minister, that he was too junior and “joined Zanu PF (too) late” to be involved in the succession issue.

That put-down got Charamba a now-famous tongue-lashing from Grace as tempers rose before the rupture in November.

Moyo has not hidden his disdain for Mnangagwa and continues to throw pot-shots at the new Zimbabwean leader from an unknown location using his Twitter account. – NewZim