Ezra Sibanda lashes Prof Jonathan Moyo

December 5, 2017
| Report Focus News

Whenever a Zanu PF politician from Matabeleland is dumped, they start condemning their masters for Gukurahundi attrocities just to get sympathy from the people.

The latest one has been working with Zanu PF for 17 years, doing nothing to address the issue of Gukurahundi, he failed to empower his own people despite being influential in Zanu PF and his name is Jonathan Moyo. He crafted stupid laws to surpress opposition, preventing & destroying democratic process just to help his masters cling on to power for dear life.

He actually tried to help Mnangagwa overthrow Mugabe in his Tsholotsho declaration, same person he is now ridiculing. He has been a disaster, he destroyed many institutions, destroyed people’s lives & he is the reason why Zanu PF is still in power.

Now he is busy ranting on Twitter trying to be relevant and seeking sympathy from people by calling Mnangagwa a Gukurahundist yet he has been working with him for all these years. Why didn’t he demand justice for victims let alone publicly condemn him for killing our people, why now. If the genocide was so painful to Jonso, why did he even work with them for all this time? He can’t condemn Mnangagwa only leaving Robert Mugabe who he values & rates so highly yet Mugabe as Zim leader presided over the killings. Jonathan Moyo is a hypocrite!

He is not the right person to address the Gukurahundi issue, he has been with Zanu PF for nearly 2 decades and did nothing so he should shut up and let genuine people tackle the issue of Gukurahundi. He should stop seeking sympathy because he was dumped and now out in the cold. No sane person still believes in his stinking gibberish, he can rant & rant 24/7 but has lost relevance in Zimbabwean politics. He is a Professor of Propaganda and Zimbabweans are too smart to believe or be moved by his kak.