Didymus Mutasa the only one saying the truth about Gukurahundi

December 5, 2017
| Report Focus News

Former Security minister Didymus Mutasa is probably the only Government official from the Gukurahundi era who has said the truth, that the entire cabinet, not Mugabe or Mnangagwa alone, contributed to the collective decision to kill an estimated over 20000 people in Matebeleland and Midlands regions in an effort to crush the opposition. Honest Mutasa’s revelation rubs in the face of Mnangagwa’s futile attempts to distance himself from the Gururahundi atrocities.

In a rare interview with the New Statesman last year, President Mnangagwa tried hard to exonerate himself from blame by blaming Mugabe who was Prime Minister during the days of the killings, the Minister of Defence and the Army Commander  : “How do I become the enforcer during Gukurahundi? We had the president, the minister of defence, the commander of the army, and I was none of that. My own enemies attack me left and right and that is what you are buying.”

Mnangagwa’s denial was despite public statements he had made at public rallies which were reported in The Chronicle. The Chronicle of 5 March 1985 quoted him saying that the government had to bring “DDT to get rid of bandits” while addressing a rally in Victoria Falls, where he said that Government had the options of burning down “all the villages infested with dissidents and the other was to bring in the Fifth Brigade, and government had chosen bringing in Fifth brigade”. At another rally reported in another edition of The Chronicle, President Mnangagwa was quoted saying “Blessed are they who will follow the path of the government laws, for their days on Earth will be increased. But woe unto those who will choose the path of collaboration with dissidents for we will certainly shorten their stay on Earth.” 
 These statements collectively, cabinet was deliberately and recklessly targeting unarmed, defenceless civilians “those who will choose the path of collaboration with dissidents”.

All members of the Zimbabwean cabinet from that era, just like Mugabe, do not deserve a place in any future Government. Zanu PF certainly has  less dirty people without blood on their hands who can make it a little bit more attractive to the voters.

To the people of Zimbabwe, I say think seriously about the revelation by Comrade Dydmus Mutasa, and vote out blood thirsty members of the Cabinet who collaborated in murdering thousands of innocent civilians during the Gukurahundi era.

On his part, current President Emerson Mnangagwa should introspect, feel ashamed of himself and resign for trying to mislead the world by denying the obvious in his interview with the New Statesman. Zanu PF should surely be able to find a replacement to be President for the rest of the term Mugabe and Zanu PF Nikuved from the people of Zimbabwe in 2013.

Comrade Dydmus Mutasa, please keep spilling the beans and expose the blood-tainted President Mnangagwa and his followers in Zanu PF.