Eddie Cross in about turn on Morgan Tsvangirai

December 4, 2017
Eddie Cross | Report Focus News
Eddie Cross

Movement for Democratic Change legislator Eddie Cross who almost got into trouble with his party after stating that party leader Morgan Tsvangirai will not be able to contest next year’s elections because of his failing health now says the MDC-T leader is the best candidate to beat Emmerson Mnangagwa in next year’s elections.

Cross says the honeymoon is over for Mnangagwa because he made a tactical error in appointing a cabinet which is “just a collection of the old, corrupt and incompetent people who created the present economic shambles in the first place”.

By doing so, Cross says, Mnangagwa has thrown the opposition a lifeline.

“For me the even bigger question is, can we get our act together and pick up this rope and pull ourselves into our real future?” he says.

“We need to sort out our leadership, only Morgan Tsvangirai has the national support required to defeat ZANU- PF, he needs support and help to do so, and he needs it NOW.

“People have got to get off the fences they are sitting on and help us finish what we started in the past fortnight.

“He needs a team of competent people who can sell our policies and programs as being the way out of this mess and to take us into the future, he needs people of capacity and integrity.

“He needs money – lots of it because you cannot fund a national political campaign without resources.

“Finally, he need(s) the International Community to stick to its guns and maintain the stance that their help and assistance will only be given to a government that has clear cut democratic credentials.”

Mnangagwa said he had confidence in his cabinet, which was sworn in today, and promised that they would deliver.