Free polls will end all Zimbabwe crisis – Kofi Annan

November 29, 2017
| Report Focus News

Former United Nations (UN) Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, has voiced his concerns over Zimbabwe’s political landscape after Robert Mugabe’s exit

Annan has pointed out that unless there will be a leader elected through a democratic, free and fair election, the political crisis in Zimbabwe will not be resolved

Zimbabwe received a new president on Friday, November 24, following Mugabe’s retirement after 37 years in power

It’s not yet over! That was the message from former United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Kofi Annan following the exit of Robert Mugabe and appointment of Emmerson Mnangagwa as the new president of Zimbabwe on Friday, November 24.

As earlier reported by Report Focus News Mnangagwa came to power following a bloodless military coup and political intrigues that led to Mugabe’s expulsion from ruling party Zanu-PF and eventual fall.

But even as President Mnangagwa takes charge, Zimbabwe is expected to hold its general elections before September 2018, and this, Annan believes, will be the ultimate solution to the country’s political crisis.

The former UN Secretary-General has urged the current leader, President Mnangagwa, and the military to facilitate and promote smooth and democratic transition of power. “The thousands of Zimbabweans who took to the streets to celebrate were actually demanding for freedom, and not just a change of leadership.

I believe this political crisis offers a unique opportunity for democratic renewal based on the freely expressed will of the people,”