Zimbabwe can be great again

November 28, 2017
| Report Focus News

God bless Zimbabwe and its people in this new journey they are beginning.

Witnessing how jubilant and rejoicing the people of Zimbabwe were said a lot about how Robert Mugabe treated them. They were sick and tired of him. Now that they have got rid of him, they should come together from different corners of the world to rebuild their country.

Ordinary people have more power than they estimate. Other African countries should learn lessons from Zimbabwe and what transpired in that country. Zimbabweans should be optimistic and positive about their country.

And they should also push for greatness and alleviation of poverty. At the same time must be smart and watch President Emmerson Mnangagwa carefully; reality is that he has been with Mugabe for a long time.

I am not optimistic about the leadership of Mnangagwa, I just see another Robert Mugabe in different suit.

Sam Difoe Magana, Mahikeng