BREAKING: ZDF and ZRP to conduct joint patrols

November 27, 2017
| Report Focus News

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces and the Zimbabwe Republic Police have issued a joint press statement, urging the nation to remain united and to respect the laws of the country.

In a statement issued at the Josiah Magama Tongogara Barracks this morning, the two security services said normalcy had returned to the country following the resignation of former president Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe on the 21st of November 2017, and inauguration of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa, on the 24th of November 2017.

Colonel Everson Mugwisi represented the ZDF while Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba represented the ZRP at the press briefing.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Charamba revealed that they shall be joint patrols by the army and the police, especially in the Harare central business district, adding that the ZRP had resumed its normal duties following the inauguration of a new government and the return to normalcy following the ZDF’s Operation Restore Legacy.

Colonel Mugwisi urged the nation to unite, and work with the defence and security services.

“Let us respect the law and work with the police and the army,” said Colonel Mugwisi.

The ZDF and ZRP say they are aware of cases of looting and illegal occupation of other people’s properties being reported, and perpetrators will face the full wrath of the law.