Open letter to New Zimbabwean President

November 26, 2017
| Report Focus News

Dear Editor,

Zimbabweans are celebrating world wide that dictator Mugabe finally resigned under pressure. The good thing about it all is that that which goes round comes round, and that former President Mugabe is still alive to look back at his life and repent to God for the crimes he committed against humanity – the Gukurahundi atrocities, his self proclaimed degrees in violence, the killing of MDC-T supporters under his rule, his pardoning of people convicted by the courts who nearly killed Patrick Kombayi during an election contest.

Now in comes Comrade Mnangagwa who is by no means a clean man. Interestingly, he has told the world he believes in God, we don’t have reason to doubt him because we know people change, but I am sure he also knows very well that repentance is the key to forgiveness.

Comrade Munangagwa should know that the world knows how cruel he has been to the opposition, ordering the burning down of Blessing Chebundo’s house during an election campaign in 2000, among many other atrocities that he knows too well of. He must admit his past crimes to gain public confidence that the man has truly changed from his past, and repent to the Almighty for forgiveness so that he may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

While Comrade President, you may want bygones be bygones, you know too well that it is the axe which forgets that it cut a tree, but the tree that you cut will know what was done to it forever.

God is watching you Comrade President.

Zimbabwe needs to move forward with clean leaders.

Kennedy Kaitano