BREAKING : Kudzai Chipanga Narrates details about his Abduction

November 25, 2017
| Report Focus News

Kudzai Chipanga, the former leader of the ZANU PF Youth League appeared in court today. He is facing charges of communicating falsehoods, causing dissatisfaction in the army and undermining public confidence in Zimbabwe Defense Forces.

Kudzai Chipanga says he was arrested by people who he believes could be military personnel on the 15th of November this year as he was attempting to seek shelter at Borrowdale Police Station. He was doing this after a Police Officer from the same station advised him that he needed to seek refuge because he was in danger although the officer did not specify who was after him.  Kudzai Chipanga says his wife was also assaulted when he was abducted.

Mr Chipanga says he doesn’t know where he was imprisoned except that it was a dark room

He says he was beaten every day. He was then transferred from there to his home. He had to direct his abductors to his home whilst blindfolded. He believes the same people who had him all week then arrested him form his house after dropping him off.

The Police Detective who arrested Chipanga, on the other hand, says they had been looking for Chipanga to arrest him since November 15th and only found him on the 23rd at his house. He says he did not see Chipanga being dropped off as he claims. The state is arguing why Chipanga’s wife and family never reported his abduction.

Chipanga says he does not remember the name of police officer who advised him to seek refuge at Borrowdale police station.

The court is currently adjourned and will resume for the remand ruling to be delivered