President Mnangagwa still saddled with old ministers

November 24, 2017
| Report Focus News

President Emmerson Mnangagwa who was sworn in today is still saddled with government ministers appointed by his predecessor Robert Mugabe until he names his new cabinet.

Some of the ministers, who were considered sympathetic or acceptable to former first lady Grace Mugabe have only been in office for a month, but according to Veritas Zimbabwe any decisions or orders they make are still legal.

Although he talked about a new order and said Zimbabwe’s politics had become “poisonous and polarising” Mnangagwa did not give any hint on whether he would be setting up a government of national unity or not.

He, however, said elections will be held as scheduled giving little room for the laborious and time-consuming negotiations associated with coalition governments.

Mnangagwa who said this was not the time for speeches will really have to hit the ground running, as he said, for the people to see any change in the next three months to begin with.